I have single glazed timber doors and would like them replaced with double glazed doors is this possible? - October 18, 2016

Yes, it is possible to manufacture doors to receive double glazed units. There have been many changes to the Part “L” of the building regulations, which refers to the insulation values. doors must now be carried out to ensure that heat loss is kept to a minimum. This relates to any window or door where the total area of glazing which is more than 50% of the overall products, which vary in thickness and technical make-up. This can have an effect on the size of glazing bars and timber profiles generally as these need to be increased to accommodate larger glass sizes. As glazing technology improves there are more and more options available with regard to glazing and we can offer advice and guidance on which will best suit your situation.

There are exemptions to this regulation and where buildings are listed or have historical value it is often worth contacting your local planning or building regulation department to find out whether you need to comply.